Monday, 31 December 2007


2007. It's been a year. I would have included one snappy, sum-it-all-up adjective in that last sentence, but the year has been too complex.

Difficult to believe (for you too, probably) that my first archive visit was in December 2006. This year I've been at it all the time. Well, almost once a month. Wish one for 2008: more opportunities to rummage in old brewing records.

I should have had my first beer brewed to order in 2007. For various reasons, it didn't work out. But the brown malt is ordered and the label design ready. In the next few months my Whitbread recreations should be born. Wish two for 2008: my beers are brewed and taste good.

Writing a blog every day, maintaining my website and having a fulltime job are difficult to combine. It's my website that's suffered. Wish three for 2008: time to update my Danish and Dutch brewery pages.

I could go on. But three wishes are all you get traditionally. I'm big on tradition. Hopefuly I'll still be around this time next year to tell you how many of my wishes came true.


Anonymous said...

I read your article about grätzer a while back. Do you have any more information when and where it might be avalible. There´s plenty of cheap flights to Poland so flyning over to try some shouldn´t be a problem.

Ron Pattinson said...

As far as I know, reviving Grätzer is still just in the planning stage. When I hear that they are really brewing it again, I'll be sure to post about it.

Anonymous said...

thank you.

Boak said...

Happy new year, and hope all you dreams come true.