Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Schule der Bierbrauerei

Here's a real treat: the section on top-fermentation and beer types from "Schule der Bierbrauerei" by G.E. Habich, published in 1865.

I realise it would be more of a treat if:

  1. I had translated it from German
  2. it wasn't printed in Gothic typeface

I will translate at least part of it for you. But here's a great opportunity to practise reading historical texts. Or practise reading German. Or practise reading Gothic script. Just so many ways you can improve your education.


Gunnar H said...

I especially loved the paragraph on page 348 where beer drinkers are recommended to get more used to less bitter beers - because hop resin is the cause of that terrible illness called Katzenjammer (cat's wail, a.k.a. hangover).

Ron Pattinson said...

I hadn't noticed that part. It's intersting that hops are called a narcotic.