Thursday, 13 March 2008


Forgive me for not posting much this week. Monday I dropped by Bodegraven to pick up some beer. My beer. Six bottles each of Porter and SSS. They've given my evenings purpose.

Words, words, words. I have literally several of them. Not all different, but you can't make proper sentences for long without repeating some. Try it yourself.

"Where can I buy these exciting new beers?" There's a long answer and a short answer to that question. Let's go with the short option. My tea's getting cold (colder, it was already cold when I started eating it). The USA. As you read this, it should be in transit. The Shelton Brothers have bought both batches in their entirety.

Apart from my bottles. One of the main reasons for the whole project was that I wanted to try the beers. Not just a couple of times, but often. So I have my own stash. I'm hoping that I can keep my hands off some of the SSS and let it age a year or ten. I'm an optimist.

And a few bottles will be on sale in De Molen's shop. You'd best be quick. It really is just a few bottles.

To summarise: in Europe, your best chance of getting hold of any is to be nice to me. I'm a weak man. I can be bribed in so many different ways. I'm cheap, too. So it won't even cost you very much. Just listening to me talk about extinct German top-fermenting styles for fifteen minutes would probably be enough. Few last more than 11 seconds voluntarily.


Fatman said...

Ha! I've got some porter but no SSS.

Was there some peated malt in the porter? Just a teeny weeny bit? There was a complexity that may have contained just a tad. A small tad?

No, I'm guessing. And guessing wrong. But that's what I thought, and my misses did too.

Ron Pattinson said...

Was it you who emptied De Molen's shop?

No peated malt. It's a 1914 London recipe, remember. That's just the brown malt you're tasting.

Kristen England said...

I cant find it on Shelton Bros page. Do you know how thye are importing it? Meaning what name and brewery they are using?

Anonymous said...

The tentative availability date is 4/15

The names they are listing them as are De Molen Pattinson Triple Stout and London Porter.



jakester said...

Where in the U.S. do you think they will be available? I'd give my left nut to try both of them!

Ron Pattinson said...

I would try asking the Shelton Brothers where it will be available. Remember, they only have about 600 bottles of each.

Anonymous said...

If you have a favorite local that stocks Shelton Brothers beers, but them/ask them to make sure their distibutor orders the beers.

I will probably not be able to do much, but if you're interested, you can contact me at



Fatman said...

Hey Jakester - would you really give your left nut to try one? I have some spare and coincidently lost my left nut to an over zealous urinary surgeon a couple of years back.

Sounds like a transaction to me...just pop it in a jar of vinegar for me..