Saturday, 23 August 2008


Whorst (and others too cowardly to sign their name): I don't tolerate abuse on this blog. If you want to be nasty and insulting, go to BeerAdvocate, where such behaviour seems de rigeur. Any abusive posts here will be deleted as soon as I see them.

I hope this makes things clear. I want this to be a civilised and civil place. I've no problem with views that differ from my own. As long as they are expressed politely. This blog's been going for over a year and until this last week I've never had need to delete any comments. Apart from the occasional spam.


Alan said...

Good for you. I have never had an issue with deleting - or, better still, editing for humour - the comments of the annoying. Plus I have told folk to simply go away as I will delete anything they post, good or bad. It is your house and you should have it kept as you wish.

Derek said...

No need for the abuse. Whatever your perspective in the pithy, contrived battle between BA and this blog. Cheers to one day settling differences.

Wurst aka Whorst said...

No problem. I've got my own little page where I can unleash my fury.