Friday, 16 January 2009

London Porter in the 1920's

They'll start ripping out our kitchen on Saturday. Expect briefer than usual posts until the dust has settled.

Continuing with my Porter theme and my 1920's theme, here are some 1920's Porters. What an inspired choice. As you'll see, Porter rarely stretched past 1040º. Which probably didn't do its condition any favours. The combination of falling demand and falling gravities helped stick the boot in on poor, old Porter. I imagine a gang of skinheads giving a grandad a good kicking. Too vivid, my imagination at times.


Mark Andersen said...

Bloody hell, I think you've discovered the real cause of the Great Depression! Falling Porter gravities.

Ron Pattinson said...

Mark, wait until you see what happened to Porter gravities in the 1930's. Ive seen ones under 1030.