Monday, 26 January 2009

Northern New Jersey pub advice

Looks like I'll be in the States next week. Northern New Jersy to be precise. It's a work thing. My new employers are sending me for a week's training. Assuming that they won't be locking in my hotel room, I expect to drink the odd beer or two. So here's my question: anyone know some decent places to drink in the vicinity of Hillsdale?


The Beer Nut said... suggests you go down to Andy's Bar in Bogota. Looks like a bit of a trek, though.

Gary Gillman said...

Ron, I am not familiar with the Hillsdale area and hopefully other readers will mention beer-aware establishments in its vicinity.

Some breweries I particularly like in case you see the names in the places you find: Captain Lawrence; Blue Point; Chelsea; Southhampton. These are regional (New York/Jersey) and make fine stuff. Also, a little further afield, Dogfish Head of course (I like its brown or dark winter beers more than the IPAs) and Vermont's Magic Hat. And Weyerbacher which is from the midwest I believe but whose beers are sometimes found in the good New York and area beer bars.

If you can spend an hour or two in New York City, I would advise highly The Gingerman on East 36th Street. There are many options in New York, but Gingerman can't be beat in my opinion. Next to that, the Chelsea Piers brewpub on the Hudson, or Blind Tiger on Bleecker Street. Preferably all three.

Somehow I don't favour the West Coast-hopped American IPAs much - except when in New York. Somehow they always taste right there. Captain Lawrence Pale Ale is superb in this vein.


Gary Gillman said...

Ron, or fellow readers: I've always wondered how 1800's hopping for IPA compares to modern hopping for beers so-called. Here is the website for Captain Lawrence Brewery in New York State, U.S.:

It states their pale ale has 35 IBUs. It states that their Captain's Reserve, an "Imperial" IPA, contains 80 IBUs.

Which if either would be similar to an 1800's IPA in respect of the hopping? I know now (courtesy your work, Ron) the pounds per quarter of malt for some 1800's IPAs and PAs. I don't know how to connect that to IBUs. Thanks and for your fine work, Ron.


Tongo Rad said...

Welcome to my approximate neck of the woods, Ron. Sadly there isn't very much of note in terms of pubs or beer bars within the close vicinity of Hillsdale- most of the time we buy our beer at the shop and enjoy it at home (it helps if one's office is located a few blocks from the Gingerman in NYC, though that will probably not be the case for your upcoming visit.) The only notable place I can direct you to is just across the NY border, maybe 10 minutes away- Defiant Brewing Co. in Pearl River. The beers can be quirky and 'hit or miss', but they are unfiltered, gravity dispensed and best at the source.

Dale said...

I think the best pub in NJ is most likely in NYC

Enjoy you trip across Ron.

Matthew D Dunn said...

Because I can't help it, Weyerbacher is made in Pennsylvania, not the Midwest.

And that is pretty much beer wasteland where you're going. Better to cross the river if you can as others have suggested.

About the same distance as Andy's in Bogota is the Park and Orchard in East Rutherford which has as good a beer selection as you'll find up there. And despite the British sounding name it's not a British place.

Stan Hieronymus said...

Bug Lew Bryson - NJ is his latest book.

I second the note that Andy's is a fine place and that Captain Lawrence beers are worth seeking out.