Sunday, 25 January 2009

Other Barclay Perkins beers in the 1920's

As promised, here are the remaining Barclay Perkins beers. I've now covered all 5 draught styles.

I had thought that the Cannon brewery scores were pretty poor. But just to check, I've made a direct comparison between Cannon and Barclay Perkins.

As you can see, overall Barclay Perkins beers did score a little better, the average being just below 1. Then again, only two Cannon beers had negative scores, as opposed to 3 Barclay Perkins beers. Bizarrely, the two breweries' Pale Ales scored exactly the same, 0.09. The biggest difference is between the Porters. Barclay Perkins Porter was their highest scoring beer, Cannon's Porter their lowest scoring.

Both breweries' KK Strong Ales had negative scores. The pattern so far seems to be this: atick to standard Bitter and Mild.

This is so much fun that I'm going to continue on through the other London breweries. Then I can make a league table. Then, should you find yourself in 1920's London, you'll know which brewery's pubs to avoid.

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Gary Gillman said...

Ron, very interesting data. I would think mild and bitter were in better nick because of their higher turnover.

And even today: haven't we all found that when you order a pint in a place where that brand doesn't shift a lot of brass quite often it will be sub-par?