Monday, 9 February 2009

More New York

I'll be posting more about New York. With lots of nice photos.Just as soon as Dolores gets home and shows me how to suck the photos out of my flippy top. She handles all the networking at home.

I was very impressed by the Blind Tiger. A great little pub. Like a New York version of Wildeman.


Gary Gillman said...

Ron, I fully agree and always have a good experience there. The current site is the second one. Originally it was on West 10th, further west in the Village. It reopened on Bleecker Street a few years ago (after a short spell operating as a coffee-house - the liquor license was pending) and quickly regained its old elan once the beer taps opened. It is true that imports (there and at other New York beer bars) often sell for more money than fine local craft brews. This is just I think the lure of the import, that happens almost everywhere. Sometimes though they get good imports or interesting ones. Blind Tiger was the site of the U.S. launch of the new draft Duvel, for example. Gingerman has gotten some interesting lambic variations, and other fine Belgians, on draft. It's all good.



Ron Pattinson said...

I had two sessions in the Blind Tiger. A really impressive choice of beer and a great atmosphere. Typical that they had nothing like that when I lived in the city.

Mike said...

I visited Blind Tiger twice on my trip to NYC in October and was a little less impressed with it. I agree that the beer list looks interesting, however there are major differences with Wildeman.

The two biggest differences for me: 1. Blind Tiger has both TV and (loud) music, Wildeman doesn't.
2. Wildeman has chairs and tables, Blind Tiger has bar stools with tall tables.

Late afternoon, Blind Tiger was almost empty, but a nice mix of people. By evening, a very young crowd had completely taken over the place and conversation was nearly impossible.

Ron Pattinson said...

Mike, there was no TV in evidence. There was music, but it wasn't loud enough to preclude normal conversation. That I was able to earwig what was being said on the neighbouring tables, vouches for that. There are some normal height tables, but most are high.

I was making a direct physical comparison so much. I meant the attitude to beer was similar.