Monday, 18 May 2009

London here I come

It was shocking and disturbing to discover how incomplete the WW I chapter of my book was. Something had to be done. And I don't mean just delaying publishing my Mini Book "War!". Time for another archive trip.

The main purpose is to photograph Barclay Perkins WW I brewing logs. I've a few snaps of them taken with my old camera. Even squinting like a man trying to wear two monocles, I can still make out bugger all. It's been driving me crazy. It makes much more sense to just return to the archive rather than ruin my eyes.

There are other questions, too. Did Barclay Perkins really discontinue their PA in 1917, or did I just neglect to photograph any PA logs? Only one way to find out.

June 3rd. That's when I'll be making my day trip. It's the usual schedule. Catch a flight at 9:30 in Schiphol, hit the archive about 11:30, snap like crazy until 15:00, throw down 7 or 8 pints in the Gunmakers, catch the flight in Stansted at 19:00. A bit tiring, but well doable.

That reminds me. I seem to remember winning a photography competition a few months back. Wasn't the prize beer in a certain well-known Clerkenwell pub? I hope Jeff hasn't forgotten.


Jeffrey said...

Heh. You've chosen a good day. On the afternoon of June 3rd we are hosting Bateman's Wednesday Club. The brewery's London sales rep Bryan will be around in the afternoon. So you'll doubtless get a couple of pints on the brewery and reasonably willing participants for a boring beer chat. And I'll stand you a whisky as thanks for sending me that Decoction book.

Ron Pattinson said...

Jeffrey, that sounds perfect. What time does it kick off? You meant "fascinating beer chat", surely.