Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Younger's 1858 mashing schema

Those snappy titles just keep on rolling out of my fingers. This is in response to a question from MentalDental about William Younger's sparging techniques. "Did they fly-sparge?" Haven't a clue. Take a look yourselves and see if you can tell.

[Just looked again at the image again. I do have a clue. But see if you can work it out anyway.]

The first beer is 120/- the second 80/- (Scotch Ales). Not that it makes much difference. The temperatures are the same for all the beers, give a degree or so. You get about the whole spread in those two examples.

Looks to me like plenty of details are missing. Like sparge volumes. [Stupid spellchecker doesn't like sparge. Or spellchecker even. An ironic joke?]

Comments welcome from those that have more understanding than me. Though sparge volumes should be pretty easy to work out based on the volume of mash liquor and quarters of malt. Shit. Missed off the malt bill. . . . .

Just two types of malt. Scotch and Foreign. Do they still make those?

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Kristen England said...

About 0.6qt/lb (1.2L/kg) w/o underletting or sparge.

Nice they leave out the volumes. :)