Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Competition - the simplified version

"Dad, I want to win the book." "It's not really a very difficult question for you, is it? All you have to do is look in your passport, Lexie."

Lexie wishes to make the following statement:

"For the record, Lexie is not a girl. He is a boy. "

I changed his nappy. No way he's a girl.

Now that's clear, on with the competition. There were many good entries first time around. Some warmed my heart. Others frightened with their insight. And there were those that made up their own answers.

None were correct. And, let's be honest, how many of you are there? I can't expect many more entries. Time for round two.

Here's a simplified list. Sorry. Shortened list:

E. Mild
F. Porter
G. Barclay
H. Perkins
I. Burton
K. Ale
L. Pilsen
M. Tarquin
O. Stout
P. Affrikka
R. Elmo
S. Rimmer
T. Brian
U. Artwodeetwo
V. Vodka
X. Candelent
Y. Crumpet
Z. Emergencypint

There will be multiple prizes. Honest. Christmas is around the corner*, and I've been filled with the spirit of giving.

*That's what it felt like in Bexleyheath last Saturday.


Barry M said...

Hah! Got it this time: Burton

Mike said...

Hey Ron,
My stab at Lexie's middle name: Barclay or Brian.

Scott said...

Hmmm... here we go again.

M. Tarquin

R. Elmo

Gary Gillman said...

Vodka? For Dad's favourite non-beer tipple as expressed in endearingly ironical fashion viz. the youngest in his family. And the clue, 40, is for 40 ounces, his favoured format (no doubt).

This probably won't work but I am hoping your memories of vodka extend to the large size of bottle, 40 oz., which was common at one time in the British world. This was of course one quart. We still buy liquor in that size in Canada today but it is expressed on the label as 1.14 L.


Gary Gillman said...

That is not how you spell Southwark by the way. Unless there is one in Birmingham and this was a nod to the bottler. I wonder what the intent was? Perhaps to create a "olde Englisshe" atmosphere?


mrbowenz said...

1. Tarquin

2. Burton

If it's one of the others I pity the poor chap , I am ready to do a multi book buy from you anyway , for the holidays ..

Cheers Ron, I love your blog !

PS> I now own two bottles of Allsopp's Arctic Ale , 1852, and 1875 full bottles ....

Mike said...

Hey Ron,
Off subject with the competition. Do you ever come across logs or gyle books for brewers from the Manchester area? Threfalls, Garsides, Wilson's, Chester's and of course Boddington's to name but a few. I was talking to Kristen about this on Saturday and I know that the National Archives don't have much from up north. I found references to Boddington's records in the Manchester Central library database but never got to see them.

Matt said...

Mike, just read your profile :-) Like you, I was born in Manchester, Lancashire. Now live in Stockport and go in Manchester Central Library quite regulary. Will check for brewing logs next time I'm there.