Saturday, 14 November 2009

Munich brewery output in 1863/64

I know. I should toss you some meaty words instead of this thin gruel of numbers. But <insert excuse here> so I haven't the time.

Here's the table:

I was surprised by two things:

1. Löwenbräu topped the table.
2. Löwenbräu topped the table by such a large margin.

I hadn't expected Zacherl (Paulaner) to come so low, either.

That's it for today. I told you I was busy.


Barm said...

Did Löwenbräu export a lot? It's the best known Munich brewery in the rest of the world, and presumably there's a reason for that.

Atis said...

Thank you. That was very interesting, I always thaught Spaten and Franziskaner were at the top in the 19th century.

Ron Pattinson said...

Barm, yes they did export a lot. There's a good chance I'll post about that next week.

Gray Gillman said...

A famous name in brewing. At some point in the 1970's I think it was, it became locally brewed in the U.S., a license arrangement. After that it never seemed quite the same to me. At some point later, that stopped, but then Canada was brewing it for a while under license, then that stopped, and it became an import again.

Although it's been available in Munich-brewed form in North America for many years, I felt it did not live up to the fame of the name. As for many other storied brands, it seemed to become average.

Just recently however I bought one (blue can) and liked it a lot. It had a fairly complex, dryish character, almost white wine-like, with a marked mineral and Hallertauer note. Either this was very fresh stock, or perhaps the brewery is giving it a new focus at least for export (I've never tasted it in Germany). I plan to get more today.


The Professor said...

Gary's right...beginning in the mid 1970's Lowenbrau was brewed under license by Miller Brewing.
It was a disaster, and tasted _nothing_ like the import it replaced (the Canadian version that briefly followed it was only marginally better).
I was happy to see the Munich version return to US shelves and do enjoy it from time to time. The brand's decades long association with Miller took its toll however; Lowenbrau under Miller's stewardship became something of a joke.