Saturday, 28 November 2009

War! available for sale!

Another book in my Mini Book Series is now available to buy. "War!". You lucky devils.

It tells the fascinating - and sometimes heartrending - story of British beer during the two world wars. But don't worry. It all turned out well in the end. Sort of.

Buy "War!" today and be the envy of your friends.


First Stater said...

"When you're laying it down on my rocking hip hop groove. "

I do believe it is time for some professional help.

Ron Pattinson said...

Did I write that? I must have been under stress. The kids. Something like that. Yeah.

The Beer Nut said...

Tut-tut, Ron. You're a War-mongerer.

Ron Pattinson said...

Beer Nut, I'll soon be a peace monger. It should balance out.